Xipat Smartsend is a Android app

An awesome tool for Marketer(s)! Simple design and simple using! Reach your targets with very few simple steps!

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Xipat Smartsend is a single app to send notifications on Facebook to users of your bussiness. Now you can promote and remaket your product whenever and wherever you want within a few simple steps.

  • 1. Input information for your product with which you want to promote such as App name, App ID, App secret or just a link to your website.
  • 2. Create Audiences for your App(s) like what you often do in Facebook Advertisement Tool.
  • 3. Create the message you want to send them, and choose Audiences and App/Link that you inputed.
  • 4. Click send and wait till the system informs you that how many messages are sent successfully or fail. We also support you the sending reports in the app.

For more detail, just take a look and try before buying. You should check crossly your app detail or Google analytics for the awesome results.

Thank you for supporting us. Please let us know which features you want us to develop in the future at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave us a comment. We will try to make it better.

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We provide a tool to help you easier in getting all of the facebook app uid for using with Xipat Smartsend app. When your website is using facebook openid (eg using HybridAuth), our tool will help you to access the data and export the list of user id.

  • Awesome Workflow

    Tutorial tool

    Download tool to here or using demo, then unzip and uploaded into the root on your host

    Enter the connection information to the database as: Host, db username, password, db name, db table and fields of uid facebook

    If your website is using the HybridAuth database field will be "identifier"